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Geotechnical Services

This is the cornerstone of our business, and we have a pool of professional individuals with over 10 years of broad expertise in this field, who can handle your geotechnical difficulties in a practical and cost-effective manner.

Everything we do is founded on the fundamental concepts of soil and rock mechanics, as well as the extensive local experience gained by our engineering team over a long period of time.​​

Test Pits and Bulk Sampling

Teragrail offers manual test pit excavations in order to sample and study the composition and structure of the subsurface material.

Test pit excavations provide vital information on the material contacts, particle sizes and classification, extend of buried debris and other environmental factors that can affect the project site.


This is usually done simultaneously with site investigation and during pre-feasibility studies. Depending on the soil, test pits can be dug up to 10.0-m (with benching/ shoring).​

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DCP Testing

Dynamic Cone Penetration (DCP) Testing is used to measure the strength of in-situ soil and the thickness and location of subsurface soil layers.​

In DCP testing, the pushing force is applied by manually dropping a hammer from a fixed height onto the rod. The number of blows per advance (mm/cm) is then measured and the soil’s bearing capacity may be estimated. ​

Unlike other drilling and investigation systems, basic DCP equipment is very portable but is limited to depths of up to 3.0-m which makes this type of testing ideal for roads, pavements, poles, light-weight cell towers and even 1- to 2-story structures.​

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Screw Pile Installation & Testing

This involves installing screw piles using our crawler rig with structural vertical mass, ensuring precise penetration into the ground. This installation process guarantees that these piles stand strong, free from vertical or lateral movement. Site preparations are meticulously executed, incorporating integrated sensors, controlled load application, and thorough data analysis.

Employing high-pressure hydraulic pumps, our testing procedures measure the tensile, compression, lateral, and horizontal strengths of installed concrete piles, ensuring unshakable foundations for various construction projects. The combination of advanced installation techniques and testing methodologies reinforces the reliability and performance to ensure certified foundations and understructures.

Geotechnical_Screw Pile Installation-min.jpg

Foundation Construction Works

Teragrail proudly specializes in deep foundation methods, including micropiles, driven piles, and bored piles. When shallow foundations are insufficient for the task at hand, our expertise in these advanced techniques comes to the forefront. Our commitment to excellence and adherence to industry standards ensure the longevity and reliability of all our foundation work.


Micropiles, a particular strength of Teragrail, offer innovative and cost-effective solutions for challenging foundation requirements. Whether it's a restricted access site or retrofitting an existing structure, micropiles provide superior load-bearing capabilities while minimizing environmental impact.


Additionally, our proficiency in driven pile construction, using impact driving and vibration methods, guarantees the establishment of robust foundations capable of withstanding diverse applications.


Finally, bored pile construction, employing advanced drilling techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, yields sturdy, load-bearing foundations with unwavering structural integrity.

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Deep Well Drilling

Teragrail extends professional deep well drilling services with accreditation from the National Water Resources Board (NWRB). As a responsible member, we adhere to regulatory precautions and responsibilities. Employing advanced drilling techniques, every project aligns with industry standards for sustainable water solutions. Our sustainable practices ensure minimal impact to support the water needs of commercial developments,agricultural projects, and more.

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TGG Drilling_TDMR 350CT Top Drive Drilling Rig.jpg

TDMR 350CT Top Drive Drilling Rig

Capable of drilling up to 500-m depth (HQ) and 800-m depth (NQ). 

This is also what Teragrail uses for drilling deep wells up to 300-m deep.

TGG Drilling_Hydraulic.jpg

Hydraulic Drilling Rig

Capable of drilling up to 50.0-m depth (HQ) and 150.0-m depth (NQ).

Used for deep rock coring projects.

TGG Drilling_Manual.jpg

Manual Drilling Rig

Capable of drilling up to 50.0-m NQ.

Used for projects with limited access.

TGG Drilling_Cathead.jpg


Capable of conducting standard penetration tests only.

Used for residential projects.

Used for projects with limited access.

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