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Mineral Exploration & Mining Services

Take an in-depth look at our mining services backed by our geological expertise and experience, from research to development

Teragrail provides a wide range of mineral exploration and mining services such as mineral resource estimation, mineral resource planning and targeting, mineral resource management and project, and exploration geochemistry as well as petrographic and ore microscopic analysis.

Mineral Exploration Project Management

  1. Exploration planning, implementation and management

  2. Desktop studies and technical report writing

  3. Creation and implementation of drilling programme

  4. Core logging, mapping and sampling

  5. Logistics

Mineral Exploration Project Management

Mineral Exploration Targeting

  1. Geological mapping at all scales: Reconnaissance, regional, detailed, or for model generation/ drilling planning

  2. Surface alteration mapping and analysis

  3. Mineral system analysis

  4. Regional exploration potential assessment

Mineral Exploration Targeting

Petrography/Ore Microscopy Services

  1. Lithological, alteration, and ore mineral identification

  2. Paragenetic and textural relationships

  3. Transmitted and reflected light petrography

  4. Custom petrographic and mineralogical studies

Petrography/Ore Microscopy Services

Exploration Geochemistry/Sampling Programme

  1. Exploration geochemical programme design and review

  2. Data analysis and target generation from geochemical results

  3. Integration and orientation studies for multiple analytical methods

  4. Geochemical database management

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Exploration Geochemistry/Sampling Programme

Resource Estimation

  1. Independent review of mineral exploration projects

  2. Database validation, analysis and interpretation

  3. Review of sampling, assay procedures and chain of custody

  4. Independent monitoring of QA/QC results

Resource Estimation

Mine Planning

  1. Surveying (Topographic, Boundary, and Relocation Survey)

  2. Three (3) Year Development Work Program with mine plans and extraction analysis

  3. Environmental Protection and Enhancement Program (EPEP)

  4. Final Mine Rehabilitation and/or Decommissioning Plan (FMR/DP)

  5. Cost Validation and Fleet of Equipment Estimation

  6. Reserve Calculation

Mine Planning
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